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Welcome to Deep River Bowmen's website! Deep River Bowmen, Inc. was founded in 1962 by a group of bowhunters who regularly bowfished on Deep River in Northwest Indiana. The bulk of the charter members consisted of members of the old Potawatomi Archery Club. Membership in the club has grown steadily since that time and today, DRB inc. is recognized as the largest organized bowhunting archery club in northern Indiana.

The club holds memberships in the National Field Archery Association, the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America, and actively supports the Indiana Bowhunter Association, and the National Bowhunter Education Foundation. DRB inc. is the first local organization to become involved with the WLFA's "Protect What's Right" program.

DRB has been featured on Lakeshore Public Television (WYIN Channel 56). Watch the video HERE


Happy August DRB Family and friends! I am pleased to share with you a video of the mortgage burning from the Art Sears Memorial shoot this weekend! Check out the Facebook Page to watch the video. The link is at the bottom of this page.



August Newsletter has been emailed out! Also make sure to check the attached files that contain the proposed By-Law Changes.

The Outdoor Shoot season at DRB is coming to an end. Flats league is coming close to finishing up. Hopefully youve got your 8 weeks in to qualify for awards at the end of the year. On most Saturdays before our 3D shoots we are having work parties to help improve the club grounds! Outdoor 3D Shoots are underway and we only have 4 remaining for the year.

Our next Outdoor 3D shoot is August 25th! Below is a link for the updated Calendar!

Click here to print the 2019 Shoot Calendar!

DRB needs your help to spread the word! Archery lessons at the club are underway! The classes have been an outstanding success for the club! We are now enrolling for the September 7th class. Please call (219)762-4664 to register. We have 4 USAA/NFAA Level I instructors. Thank you to Jon Cooros, Rudy Miller, Don Spradlin, and Mary Ann Flannagin for taking the time to become certified!

Check out the class information HERE



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