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Archers in the United States today number in the millions and the number continues to grow every year. One reason for this is that archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, male or female. It is a perfect family sport with mom, dad, and the kids all enjoying a great day of shooting at the range. At the end of the day, they will have more money in their pocket than if they had played golf and they spent quality time together, while competing against fellow archers in their own divisions. They didn't have to rent any special equipment. In fact, equipment can be had at reasonable prices to equip archers from five or six to eighty or ninety. All you need to get started is a bow, some arrows, tab (or glove), armguard, something to stop the arrows (a target) and to know the location of the nearest pro-shop or archery range.

Archery is by comparison, a simple sport. Do not interpret that to mean "easy". Rather, archery is a sport of duplication. You simply shoot one arrow into the center of the bull's eye target and then repeat that exact process as many times as is necessary to complete the contest. Learning to hit the bull's eye once may take anywhere from a few days or weeks to a few months. Olympic gold medalist, Luann Ryon first picked up a bow in 1973 and won Olympic gold in 1976. Learning to duplicate that process exactly shot after shot may well take the rest of your archery career.

While mastering the bow can be a lifelong endeavor, a level of proficiency that is both rewarding and satisfying may be attained with a little practice, patience, and the diligence to learn the proper form. Deciding to take up the sport of archery puts one in the company of kings and queens, soldiers, world conquerors, and our most ancient of ancestors.

Come along with me as we delve deeper into "the sport of man since time began" beginning with a look at the history of archery and some of those ancient ancestors.




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