ARTICLE I (name)

      1. The name of this organization shall be called:


ARTICLE II (purpose)

  1. The purpose of this organization shall be to foster, expand, and perpetuate the practice of field archery and bowhunting.  To promote the spirit of good sportsmanship, fellowship, and bowhunting ethics among all persons, namely archers.  To encourage the use of the bow and arrow in hunting and fishing.  To cooperate with national archery and conservation organizations.  To teach bowhunting safety, both in the field and on the course.


ARTICLE III (membership)

      1. Membership shall be granted to any person. (Subject to the following stipulations)

A.    Before a new member can be accepted by the club, initiation fee plus one year's dues in full (subject to article III, paragraph 4) must be filed with the application. 

B.    New member is on probation for one year.

C.    The Board of Directors will review probation at the end of the first year.

D.    Any member expelled per Art. IV, #5 must be recommended by the board to the membership and be approved by 2/3 of the members present at the meeting.

E.     Any member convicted or pleading guilty to a serious game violation shall be permanently expelled as a member in Deep River Bowmen. Any member so expelled shall have the right to petition the Board to reconsider the expulsion and reinstate membership. The decision of the Board is final.


  1. Member in good standing:  Pay initiation fee, annual dues and membership approved assessments plus shooting or target fees.   Abides by By-laws and adheres to DRB Policies & Procedures.


  1. A Member not in good standing will be considered a non-member and will lose all Member privileges until good standing is reinstated.


  1. Only full members in good standing may vote on club business or elections or may hold office.


  1. A voting membership pays $100 initiation fee and/or $75 annual dues on or before the February meeting to be in good standing.  In addition, each member will be assessed $75 annually until the mortgage is paid in full. Thereafter, the assessment will be discontinued. The assessment in its entirety will be paid on the mortgage.
    A HALF-YEAR membership is available to new members who join after June 30.  Membership after June 30 will be $100 plus $37.50 dues plus one half the assessment ($37.50). 
    A deferred payment plan is also available to new members who sign up before June 30 and for all members who are renewing membership on or before the February meeting.  The plan allows a $50 deposit and payments of $50 per month.
    A member delinquent in their dues after the February meeting will be assessed a $5 late charge for each month of delinquency, not to exceed $25 total for the year. Locks/combinations will be changed immediately following the adjournment of February meeting.  Membership cards and combination goes to memberships who are paid-in-full.


  1. Lifetime Membership may also be bestowed as this club's highest honor by recommendation of then Lifetime Members or a board member, subject to Board approval and ratification by a 2/3 majority of club members present at the meeting and/or responding to a ballot.  Lifetime Membership, once granted, shall apply to the member’s spouse/significant other.


  1. A member 18 years of age, to be a member in good standing and to be eligible for applicable club benefits, must pay his annual dues only, OR has the option, at age 18, to buy in to a full Membership with voting rights.


  1. An individual junior member under 18 years of age shall have parent or guardian join the club and he will participate under the family plan; i.e. Member, significant other, children and grandchildren under 18.


  1. Active spouse/significant other of member in good standing shall be allowed to vote on any club business conducted by DRB including annual elections of officers and changes to the By-laws.


  1. Club dissolving: The amount in the treasury and all assets will be distributed among the membership as follows: The assets will be divided into a total of parts equal to the total number of consecutive years all current memberships have been in good standing. The assets will then be distributed to current members in good standing using the following calculation: For each consecutive year a membership has been in good standing, it will receive one part of the total assets.   


  1. The Members shall meet on the first Tuesday of the Month, during the months of January through December unless that date falls on a Holiday, in which case the monthly Membership Meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month.


ARTICLE IV (board of directors)

1.     The Board of Directors shall consist of: 1) President 2) Treasurer 3) Rangemaster 4) Indoor Rangemaster 5) League Secretary 6) Concessions Supervisor 7) Recording Secretary 8) Three Trustees who are elected.  No Board Member can hold more than one office at a time.


2.     The Board shall control and manage the activities, policies, and properties of the organization, as well as set the shooting and/or target fees.  Decisions made by the Board are subject to approval of the membership.

A)   Board members are exempted from paying annual dues.


3.     At any monthly meeting or meeting of the Board, four members shall constitute a quorum.


4.     Any vacancies of the Board at any office level, prior to elections shall be filled by appointment by the Board to fill the un-expired term of the vacant office.


5.     The Board may recommend to the membership present at a monthly meeting, to suspend, reprimand, or expel a member with a 2/3 majority of the club membership present at the meeting, for conduct detrimental to the interests of this organization.  The defendant shall receive a registered letter prior to the meeting and all club members will be notified in the monthly newsletter.
An officer not conducting his/her duties may be voted out of office with a 2/3 majority of the club membership present at the meeting and be required to pay his/her annual dues.  If dues are not paid, the member would be considered to be "not in good standing," and the rules for that would apply.  The member shall receive a registered letter prior to the meeting and all club members will be notified in the monthly newsletter.


6.     Any Board member may call a board meeting at any time to discuss matters pertaining to the club provided the entire board is notified in advance of the meeting.


7.     The Board is to audit the books of the Treasurer annually prior to the February meeting.


8.     Prior to the February meeting, an Operating Budget will be set by the Board and submitted for membership approval during the February meeting.


9.     The Board shall meet at the beginning of each calendar year for the purpose of assigning responsibilities amongst the Board Members for maintenance, general operations and upkeep of the Range.


ARTICLE V (officers and their duties)

  1. The officers of this organization shall consist of the following in their order of importance of the office;

1)     President 2) Treasurer 3) Rangemaster 4) Indoor Rangemaster 5) League Secretary 6) Concessions Supervisor 7) Recording Secretary 8) Three Trustees.


  1. The President shall preside at all meetings, and in general, perform duties incident to his office.


  1. In lieu of absent President, the officer with the next highest rank shall preside or designate someone to perform this duty.


  1. The Treasurer shall conduct outside correspondence, control and manage all money records of the organization, receive and disperse funds of the organization, and submit a balance sheet at each monthly meeting.


  1. The Rangemaster shall be in control of the course, to start shoots, designate targets to start shooting from, and conduct shoots in a safely guided manner.  He shall be in control on working days, on movement of shooting stakes, and on size of targets.  Education as to proper shooting practices and anything pertaining to safety on the course.  Appointing help for making targets.  Rangemaster is also in charge of all animal awards.


  1. The League Secretary shall be charged with and in control of all league scores, collects and manages all shooting and target fees.  Takes Rangemaster's place when absent.  League Secretary is responsible for all league awards.


  1. The Concessions Supervisor shall be responsible for the operation of the Concessions area during indoor and outdoor 3-D shoots, and at such times when deemed appropriate. This individual shall be responsible for purchasing all supplies and for providing an accounting of all funds at the Monthly Membership Meeting. This individual may delegate authority for the actual operation of Concessions as required.


  1. The Recording Secretary shall conduct internal correspondence and record the minutes of each meeting.  Also keep a record of meeting attendance and publish a monthly newsletter


  1. Trustees shall assist and guide the organization to the best of their ability at meetings, shoots, and any other DRB activities. Trustees shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the DRB grounds and buildings, including janitorial work.


  1. The Indoor Rangemaster shall be in control of all shoots conducted in the indoor range and conduct shoots in a safely guided manner. Education as to proper shooting practices, enforcement of all approved rules and procedures and anything pertaining to safety on the indoor range shall be this individual’s responsibility.


  1. Up to three total Assistant Rangemasters may be appointed by the Rangemaster and Indoor Rangemaster to assist with the operation and recording of shoots, issue awards, and be in control of the indoor or outdoor range when the respective Rangemaster or League Secretary is absent. The Assistant Rangemaster(s) are not required to meet the one year requirement to be elected to office, but must be approved by a majority of the Board.


ARTICLE VI (elections and term of office)

1.     The annual election of officers is to be held at the November monthly Membership Meeting.  Nominations are to be held at the August Membership Meeting.


  1. The nomination of a member will require that the member be physically present to accept the nomination, or alternatively, that a written acceptance of the nomination be presented. A verbal acceptance is not sufficient.


  1. Term of office is to be one year. 


  1. Incoming officers shall assume their duties in January.


  1. Members who are unable to attend the Annual Election of Officers may vote on an absentee ballot.  The Board will make absentee ballots available.


ARTICLE VII (amendments to the bylaws)

  1. These Rules can only be amended at the November monthly Membership Meeting.  Proposed changes will be brought up at the August monthly Membership Meeting. Discussion of the proposed changes will take place at the September monthly Membership Meeting.
  2. Bylaw changes will take effect on January 1.


  1. Members who are unable to attend the vote for bylaw changes may vote on an absentee ballot.  The Board will make absentee ballots available.


  1. Based upon necessity, the Board may propose changes to these rules prior to the September monthly meeting, with any proposed changes being subject to the approval of the membership at a regularly scheduled monthly membership meeting.


ARTICLE VIII (miscellaneous)

  1. Fiscal year to begin January 1st.


  1. Members who quit or are not in good standing for more than one year will have to pay initiation fee and annual dues, fill out a new application.  Members who reinstate themselves as members in good standing within one year will be required to pay any delinquent fees (this excludes the initiation fee, but includes back dues).


  1. NO alcohol or drugs to be used at any club meeting or function.  NO alcohol or drugs allowed on club grounds or properties at any time.


  1. There shall be no signs posted on DRB property without prior Board approval.


ARTICLE IX (shooting)

  1. There shall be no shooting at anything other than club sanctioned targets.  Broadheads will be allowed only at specifically marked broadhead range.  NO hunting or fishing on the range.  NO firearms discharge on the range.


  1. All non-members must be accompanied by a member in good standing while visiting or shooting on the range.  Non-members may visit the club up to three times.  Thereafter, they must either apply for membership or discontinue shooting.  Non-members shall pay a daily shooting fee of $10.00 when shooting indoors or outdoors, and both member and non-member shall sign in book. Non-member shooter, applying for membership, may apply the non-member shooting fees paid, up to $30.00, toward the Membership Initiation fee.


  1. All non-shooting children must be accompanied by a non-shooting person of responsible age at any club shoot.


  1. Arrows must remain untouched in the target until all arrows are scored.


  1. Witnessed bounce-outs, believed to have hit the target in the scoring area may be counted or reshot as decided by consensus of the shooting group.


  1. Witnessed arrows passing through the target in the scoring area may be scored or reshot as decided by consensus of the shooting group.


  1. DRB bowhunter equipment classes will apply to all indoor and outdoor league and 3-D shooting.


  1. Marked yardage on the practice range only.


  1. The scoring for the outdoor leagues and raccoon shoots shall be ten (10) for the kill area. The Scoring for the Outdoor 3-D shoots shall be based upon the IBO Scoring System of 10/8/5.


  1. Archers may participate at the 3-D public shoots in more than one class and be eligible for a trophy. Subsequent rounds must be shot in the lower class; i.e.: Open class, then Unlimited or Limited, then Traditional, etc.


  1. For all outdoor 3-D shoots, if the Shooter’s score is to be considered for an award, then that individual may not shoot the course alone and the score must be witnessed by another shooter.


ARTICLE X (awards)

  1. All members, to qualify for annual League Awards must attend 50% of the scheduled league shoots and be a member in good standing.  Shootouts will be counted toward shooters average score.


  1. All members, to qualify for Game awards must be a "member in good standing".


  1. DRB's Indoor and Outdoor champions will be determined by the average of all scores.  In the case of an unbroken tie, duplicate awards will be presented.


  1. Big Game Awards:  This award to be given each year according to the sex of the animal.  This award is the largest for the year.  All game harvests to be verified by a member in good standing.  More than one deer per year award will be engraved to so state it.


  1. Award for CARP:  Largest by weight.


  1. Award for WOODCHUCK: Largest in size according to IBA measurement system (length from spread of front feet - middle nail to middle nail, plus length from tip of nose to tip of bone in tail {not hair on tail}).


  1. Big Buck Award: Largest Whitetail Buck annually, measured by designated official measurer.  DRB official measurer to be picked annually by the Board of Directors.  Scoring:  Highest value of Pope & Young points within 1/16" in typical or non-typical category.  Only one award issued each year.  Buck may be taken anywhere in accordance with P&Y Rules of Fair Chase.



Changes for 2014 rules are in-

Ø  Article III, paragraph 3 - increased dues to $75/yr. Added $75 assessment. Added payment plan for all members.

Ø  Article III, paragraph 4 - removed automatic lifetime memberships

Ø  Article III, paragraph 8 – changed method of distributing assets

Ø  Article III, paragraph 9 – scheduled meeting 12 months instead of 9


Changes for 2015 rules are in-

Ø  Article III, paragraph 1B – deleted “cannot hold office.”

Ø  Article III, paragraph 3 – deadline for dues/payments and locks added. Removed purchased life memberships

Ø  Article III, paragraph 6 – added partnerships and grandchildren as family members

Ø  Article IV, paragraph 5 – added 2nd paragraph re- Board members can be removed from office by club

Ø  Article IX, paragraph 2 – raised Visitor’s fee and added sign “book.”


Changes for 2016 rules are in-

Ø  Article III, paragraph 1 – added section F

Ø  Article III, paragraph 2 – added “member approved assessments”

Ø  Article III, paragraph 3 – changed changing of locks from April to February

Ø  Article VII, paragraph 2 – added absentee ballot voting

Ø  Article IX, paragraph 9 – changed wording from “coon” to “raccoon”


Changes for 2017 rules are in-

Ø  Article III, paragraph 1 – removed section F (required 4 hours work and fines)

Ø  Article III, paragraph 6 & 9 added “/significant other”

Ø  Article III, paragraph 4 & 7 18 year olds can vote if they pay initiation.

Ø  Article VI & VII changed voting on bylaw changes to November and they take effect January 1.(paragraph 2).

Ø  Article IX added fees paid count toward dues