Deep River Bowmen
Shooting Rules

(for Sunday Tournaments and League shooting)

The course consists of 30 - 35 McKenzie 3-D targets (for Sunday tournaments) and 20 Bowhunter Education 2-D ethafoam targets (for DRB league shoots) both at unmarked distances. These targets are spread out over 10 acres of wooded, hilly terrain. The course is both realistic and challenging meaning the animal targets are placed in natural settings, at reasonable bowhunting ranges. Shots will range from about 12 yards to just over 50 yards and that distance varies depending on what class you are shooting.


The following classes are available for Men, Women, Juniors, (Junior Division is for young adults ages 14 through 17) and Cubs (Cub Division is for ages 9 through 13):

In addition, the following classes are offered as all one class for any style of equipment:

Shooting Stakes

"BLUE DISK" class shoots from the BLUE disks on Sundays and BLUE stakes in the leagues.

OPEN, UNLIMITED, and LIMITED class shoot from the RED disk on Sundays. During league shoots one arrow from the RED stake and a second arrow from the GREEN stake.

MEN'S TRADITIONAL divisions shoot from the YELLOW disk on Sundays and during the league, one arrow from the YELLOW stake and one arrow from the GREEN stake..

WOMEN'S divisions, and all JUNIOR'S divisions shoot from the GREEN disk on Sundays and both arrows from the GREEN stake during the league.

All CUBS divisions shoot from the WHITE disk on Sundays and both arrows from the WHITE stake during the league.


3-D Targets are scored 10 for a hit in the center kill (IBO 10-ring), 8 points for a hit in the outer kill (IBO 8-ring), and 5 points for a hit anywhere else (IBO 5-ring) or "X" for a complete miss. League scoring will be 10 for any part of the kill area and an "X" for a wounding shot. Scoring rings are in the higher scoring section. Arrows touching the line are scored as the higher value.

Breaking Ties

Scores are determined first by total points. Scores tied after that will be decided by the first arrow scoring less than 10 (an 8 or a 5) beginning with the last target and counting backwards to the first. The archer with the first lower score (counting backwards) on a target drops to the next lower place. Should any score remain tied after the first less than 10 method (score cards match - arrow for arrow), there will be a shoot-off.


Witnessed bounce-outs and pass-throughs believed to have struck the scoring area may be scored if there is consensus in the group. If there is any doubt, the arrow is to be shot again. Arrows found to be hanging out the back of a target may be pushed through the scoring side to determine score. If an arrow found to be hanging out the back was reshot because of a supposed pass-through, the first arrow (hanging) is the only arrow to be scored.

The Rangemaster or his counterpart shall be the final authority regarding equipment and style eligibility and may reclassify at his discretion.

Binoculars are welcome - rangefinders are not. If you want to use binoculars during your shoot, try to use them before your turn at the shooting stake so as not to slow down the group and cause a bottle-neck.


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